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Allow me to lead you through your yoga practice of connecting not only with your breath, body, and mind but those around you.


I'm a 200 hr certified yoga teacher in Tallahassee, Florida. I've been teaching Baby & Toddler Me Yoga since 2012, Kids Yoga since 2014 and Yin, Warm Yin, Slow Flow, and Family Yoga since 2018. I've taught more than 612 hrs of kids' yoga and 177 hrs of adult yoga through Mommy Me Yoga of Lynchburg Virginia, Namaste Yoga, and Tallahassee Parks & Recreation.

In 2015, I received my Mommy Me Yoga training from YoMama with Katie Wise. In 2018, I obtained my 200 hr yoga certification from Many Rivers Yoga. In 2019, I received my Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga training with Lauren Prindiville of Island Ayurveda & Yoga. I have a master's in Curriculum and Instruction, major in Biology, minor in Environmental Studies, and certification in K-6th, Biology, and Earth & Space Sciences. My love of the environment often spills into my Toddler Me and Kids' Yoga with science themed classes!

In my kids' yoga, I seek to ignite a love of yoga while strengthening the parent-child bond. In my adult yoga, I seek to create an environment of acceptance, sustainability, and peace. I believe that yoga is not only about connecting to yourself but connecting to those around you. 

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